Our Story

Starting a clothing brand with one T-shirt

OneFit has evolved and changed throughout the years, but our mission has stayed the same from day one. OneFit was founded by drive, vision and an understanding of how much power one person can attain when they break down the walls and run forward with tunnel vision towards a goal. Created in a small, damp garden shed by founder Martin Harrison in 2015, OneFit was first known as "Fitting Fitness". The brand was funded by Martin's final student loan as he decided to leave university where he was studying mechanical engineering to pursue his dream. His real passion belonged to fashion, fitness and people, he knew THIS was what he was made to do. Fitting Fitness was launched with all but a single T-shirt design; a black tee with orange print, hand printed in "The Shed". It was in this shed that ideas were developed, research was carried out and clothing was made, all by hand. For the first 3 months the brand had no website, so Martin had to drive to customers in his car and sell from there. 

"We need more space!"

The brand now had a New Co-Owner, Rían McMahon. Martin & Rían lived 2 doors apart as children and grew up together. Martin would develop the clothing designs, distribution and marketing, while Rían would take care of the creative, photoshoots, video shoots, website design and brand identity. Once playing in a schoolyard, together they would now would work alongside one another on creating a global clothing brand, Fitting Fitness. After months of work on the first website, the business was now ready to take online sales. With continuous development, adding more team members and expanding the product range, it was clear..."We need more space!". Business was moved to a spare bedroom in Martin's parent's home and the brand would operate from there for the next 2 and a half years. In that time, Fitting Fitness was rebranded with a new logo and a new name; OneFit. The name encompassed who we are and what we aim to achieve. We dare to create a culture of like minded individuals that all come together as ONE, bleed positivity and push others to reach for their goals. We aim to create an inclusive global family, run by Empowerment and Diversity. 


OneFit was ready to grow again. As our product range got bigger, it was clear that we also had to create a better workspace that allowed workflows to breathe and run smoothly. The spare bedroom spilled onto the landing, and into the hallways, it was time to upgrade. We believe in the power of change, even when fear is looking you in the eye. Our 2 owners, Martin & Rían stood in HQ-01 and acted on belief and vision. OneFit's first ever HQ was signed for, and 8 months later we would leave again. 

Expansion & Growth

OneFit ships globally to multiple countries around the world. From day one, the vision has remained constant & our team works hard to innovate and develop the future of our OneFit Family. With a bigger family comes bigger logistical challenges. We had to leave HQ-01 and expand into our first fulfilment & distribution warehouse, meaning we can receive your order and ship it quicker and more efficiently than ever before. From garden shed to distribution warehouses, we live under our mission; "The Power Of One". 

What's Next?

At OneFit, we continue to grow our family worldwide, expanding networks from town to town, city to city and country to country. As our family grows stronger, we also grow stronger. Our teams are dedicated to creating innovative designs that empower the person wearing our clothing. We live and work in the OneFit community, and it's through this work we reach others that share our vision.